Credit Catalogues With Credit Accounts

Shop now and pay later with a range of pay monthly and pay weekly credit catalogues with credit accounts.

Though it’s market share has been declining, catalogues have maintained a high level of readership across the country. As such, many retailers still realise a decent portion of their revenue through sales generated through their catalogue readership. Catalogues with Credit are retailer catalogues which offer customers the ability to purchase products — straight from their catalogue — on credit. This is a widely popular option for many retailers in both Europe and The United States.

Allowing consumers to buy on credit enables a retailer to achieve much higher levels of revenue than he previously would without allowing credit. Though it is important to never spend or borrow more than one can afford, credit gives the consumers the purchasing power necessary to go the extra mile and perhaps upgrade the purchase they were already considering making to something more expensive. Credit cards are accepted at virtually all retailers worldwide. Credit cards are easy to use and highly convenient.

When shopping online, in store, or through a catalogue, there are two types of credit that most consumers have two options: In-Store credit or personal credit. In-Store credit means the retailer has the ability to offer it’s customers a line-of-credit (LOC) available only toward purchases made at their store in person, online or via a catalogue.

Buy Now Pay Later

Choose the items you want and get them delivered to your door and make payments later. Interest free payments available on selected catalogues.

Pay Monthly & Pay Weekly

All credit catalogues will allow you pay for your items on a pay monthly or pay weekly basis. Each month or week, you repay a fixed amount until your balance is cleared. You can choose to pay the minimum amount or pay more to clear you outstanding balance quicker.

Spread The Cost

All catalogue accounts allow you to spread the total cost of your shopping over several months or years. 

No Deposit

No upfront payment or deposit is required with all credit accounts.

Bad Credit Catalogues

Refused a credit account with other catalogues? You can get approved for catalogues for bad credit history on a pay weekly basis.

No Credit Check Catalogues

If you have bad credit history, you can apply for catalogues with no credit checks required.

Get the items you want today without worrying about paying upfront for your shopping using a home shopping catalogue with credit account. Choose from a variety of items including laptops, computers, mobile phones, televisions, tablets, ovens, cookers, dishwashers, freezers, beds, sofas and dining tables and spread the cost of your shopping today.

Anyone over 18 and a UK resident with proof of ID can apply for a credit account. APRs will vary for each retailer, so check the terms and conditions.